• Marjolaine is made for all women. It is designed so that each and every woman, no matter where she comes from or what she is passionate about, can feel amazing and even more beautiful in her clothing. They do this through carefully considered design and innovative manufacturing that makes the most of new and exciting material.

    Innovation is the watch word for Marjolaine . Both their fabrics and their styles are modern and cutting edge whilst also catering to the lover of the classics. Marjolaine releases a new collection seasonally, for the spring/summer and also for the autumn/winter season. Their collection includes core items like negligees, slips, nightwear of all description and other lingerie, but also includes accessories and small items that you might wear at night such as sleep masks. Each season, Marjolaine also includes daytime wear like underwear and daytime lingerie.

    Marjolaine's one goal is simple, to make every woman who tries on an item of their clothing to feel special. By making their items out of luxurious materials, they bring a little more luxury into your life and by making the cut and fit of these garments dramatic and flattering, their enhance your figure and make you feel even more feminine. To do this as best they can, they look at each and every order in the same way. A small boutique, an online store or a giant department store all get the same treatment. Just because a bigger business needs hundreds of items and a boutique needs just a few, doesn't mean that the items should be rushed or the process should be hurried. Cutting corners will only tarnish the name of Marjolaine and its legacy.

    That's why their ethos is so carefully preserved and each new addition to their company is coached in the values of Marjolaine. This careful and conservative preservation has lead to an incredible dynasty of design and a strong identity of quality clothing.

    Even today, the Marjolaine name continues to hold its old prestige whilst its range continues to change. A difficult thing to achieve, when you want to push the world of lingerie forward whilst maintaining handmade quality and time-honoured manufacturing techniques. In the 21st Century, they are known all over the world, and are hugely sought after because of these handmade and time-served methods of making their items. Their use the oldest manufacturing techniques in the world and yet they recognised the benefits of modern techniques too and have often used more modern machinery and methods in some of their items. Blending together the more recent approach to manufacturing, they have been able to produce more daring designs that have lace and other adornments that would be very difficult or slow for a human hand to produce. Marjolaine have also used some of the more sophisticated and professional machines in the industry, like Leaver machines that produce certain kinds of complex lace that are nigh-impossible to produce otherwise. These materials enhance the Marjolaine items and make them so much more beauitful, yet all of the lace that is made by a machine is cut and laid by hand and the whole garment is constructed by a craftsman, meaning Marjolaine can blend the convenience of modernity and the quality of the pre-industrial world together perfectly.

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