• Marjolaine's goal has always been to satisfy their customers and make them feel special. This has always required a confidence in the collection and its quality that Marjolaine must continue to deliver season after season. Through its philosophy of small collections of high quality goods and its unified ethos of design, the brand is able to bring this trusted quality to the people who love it dearly. By staying small in their business model also, they are able to make decisions about how things should be done very quickly and with dozens of people rather than hundreds working for this designer, they are able to have everyone contribute carefully and fully to the organisation and its improvement. Availability, flexibility and quickness are the values of Marjolaine and they remain capable and nimble because of it.

    Marjolaine products are sold in France and abroad, and is represented by the best agents in the fashion world. They are present in the best boutiques and in the large luxury department stores like Harrods and the like. In just thirty years, the Marjolaine name and organisation has grown from a local studio to an internationally recognised and loved one, being desired and coveted all over the world for their gorgeous designs and unbeatable quality.

    Their goals now are to expand this amazing legacy even further and reach a new audience, especially through the medium of the internet. They are launching in a handful of select online stores and are becoming a truly modern design in this regard. But Marjolaine have been very careful to not allow their items to be found all over the world wide web. Too many websites are difficult to navigate or poorly designed and this is as much a part of the experience of shopping for Marjolaine and their customers as the receiving of the items and the wearing of them. Shopping is a fun experience and one that we all look forward to, but when it comes to the world of the internet, the variety of different websites and the amount of ways you can order your items are as unique as snowflakes. That's why they have been very selective of the partners they choose, and they have only chosen the best stores to partner with.

    Marjolaine are know available anywhere there is an internet connection, but that doesn't make them any less special or beautiful. Each item is as beautifully made as it was nearly a century ago and yet it is now at anyone's fingertips.

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