The History Marjolaine

  • The history of Marjolaine is one of the longest and most rich in their industry. Marjolaine has more than 70 years of experience, the brand was founded near Lyon, France and has stayed in the sam family this whole time. Marjolaine is defined by its hstory as a family business. Everything from its origins, its growth and maturation, to its expansion around the world and its status today as a beautiful and world renowned designer.

    Starting in a tiny studio where the now-owner's great-grandfather first began to sew these gorgeous items of lingerie by hand, this amazing designer has become an international brand that is adored and has gained an astounding following.

    Marjolaine began in Villeurbanne during the interwar period. The original shop and studio sold wool, linen, tapestries and other fabrics and fabric items. After the war, the founder Roger Millet Desdoitils, found sourcing raw amterials difficult. He decided to explore the rest of France and Europe for quality materials and see if he couldn't learn new techniques for making items that were even more beautiful and flattering. This is where Marjolaine was truly born, moving out of the small studio and into the big open world, taking inspiration from others and making a range of lingerie that was truly varied and worldly.

    After Roger Millet Desdoitils retired from manufaturing Marjolaine, one of his three daughters, Nicole, continued the Marjolaine name. She ran the company for many years and it was in this time that they saw the most growth outside of France. Becoming a big brand in Europe is no small task and beating the other French designers alone can be a great task, but with their rarer and more exotic materials and their solid and unshakeable ethos of design, this brand was able to bring their beauty to the whole of their nation and soon after the whole of the continent in such a short time. After Nicole left the company, her own daughter Carole suceeded her and took over the family business and runs it to this day, she is the owner that will oversee much of the spread of Marjolaine through the internet and across teh globe as the brand is brought to the best boutiques in America, Japan and the Arabian penisula. Three generations of the same family running the same business is becoming a rarer thing each and every year and Marjolaine is very proud that it is able to keep this strong tradition going. Such a careful approach to one's own family legacy is what pushes people to making their family's work as strong as ever and keep the name going, and with Marjolaine, the vitality of their spirit really does show through in their passionate work.

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